ALCC Programs

Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program (IEP) is a great program for learning academic English. Students learn English by doing. This means that students do many interesting activities and projects to help them learn English.

The IEP has six levels. Each level can be completed in a 6-week term. Students enroll in two courses at each level. One course is Oral language, and the other course is Written Language. Grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and culture are included in both courses.

Foundation Program

Some students are not ready to study in the IEP. These students can enroll in the Foundation Program and later advance into the IEP.

Dual Enrollment

Students who are ready for IEP level 6 at the start of Fall 1 term or Spring 1 term can enroll in the Dual Enrollment program. In Dual Enrollment, students take 6 credits of IEP classes and 6-9 credits of General Education or major study classes.

Workshop Classes

Even after students finish the IEP, they can still improve their English skills. Students who are in an undergraduate or graduate program at SUU can enroll in English language workshop classes. These classes teach students strategies for learning the language needed in their General Education and major classes. Workshop classes cover topics such as note-taking, strategic reading, pronunciation, presentation skills, academic vocabulary, and research writing. Please contact the ALCC if you would like to enroll in workshop classes.

Community ESL

The ALCC offers a Community English as a Second Language (ESL) class. This program is generously funded by Zions Bank. The program is for people who already live in the Cedar City area. Students learn English skills for daily life and work needs. Please contact the ALCC if you would like to enroll in Community ESL classes.

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

The ALCC offers an undergraduate institutional certificate in TESOL. This 18 credit program is designed to prepare future teachers of English in adult education contexts in the USA as well as a variety of English teaching contexts overseas. Additionally, there is a TESOL graduate learning block as part of the MIS program at SUU.

Teacher Development Workshops

The ALCC offers specialized Teacher Development Workshops for faculty and administration around the world. Workshops can be delivered on-campus, as part of a short-term program, or online. Previous topics have included English Pronunciation and Spelling, Speaking and Communication Instructional Strategies, Writing Fluency and Accuracy, and Content-Area Instructional Strategies. 

Please contact the ALCC ( to schedule a workshop that meets the specific needs of your program and teachers.