When and How to Seek Help With College Coursework

Posted: November 30, 2023 | Author: Clare-Estelle Perkins | Read Time: 3 minutes

Student and tutor getting coursework help in the writing center.

Balancing work, life and homework can be challenging in college. Luckily, at Southern Utah University, as the load of coursework increases, so does the number of student resources. SUU offers numerous free methods for students to get help with coursework, both on campus and online.

Students can access these resources anytime during their academic career, as many times as they want. Students who have missed class, don’t understand the material, need help developing project and essay ideas, want to improve the quality of speeches and papers, or want to improve their grade in a class should seek out these tools. If you feel yourself struggling in a class or on a specific assignment or project, don’t forget to utilize these resources. Don’t wait until you are drowning in homework or panicking at the last minute about your grade. Instead, turn to the following options for academic help.

Professors Office Hours

At SUU, all professors have office hours. Professor office hours are a fantastic opportunity to clarify difficult material, get caught up and enable your professor to help you earn the grade you desire. Professors at SUU want to help you learn and achieve your goals. You can ask your professor what their office hours are or find their hours in your class syllabus on Canvas. If you are unable to attend their office hours due to schedule conflicts, professors are often willing to meet at a coordinated time that works for both of you.

Tutoring Center

The SUU Tutoring Center is a perfect resource for students seeking help with an assignment or understanding difficult material. The Tutoring Center has 70 undergraduate students recommended by SUU Faculty who can help in over 150 classes. Tutors also provide academic coaching to develop college-level study skills, time management, organization and test-taking strategies. SUU Tutoring Center also offers online tutoring.

The Main Tutoring Center is located in room 204 of the Electronics Learning Center (ELC) on the SUU Campus and offers free drop-in tutoring, recurring appointments, and group study tutoring.

Writing Center

The SUU Writing Center is the place to go for help with all college papers. There students can receive help with anything from idea generation and research to grammar corrections and overall edits. The Writing Center staff of undergraduate writing tutors and graduate writing consultants are trained to assist T-Birds with all aspects of the writing process.

Any student can set up an appointment to meet online or in the Writing Center, which is located in the Braithwaite Center (BC) Building room 101.

Speech and Presentation Center

The Speech and Presentation Center helps students to develop and improve skills in writing and presenting speeches. The SAPC staff provides students with personalized assistance and feedback on projects, effective delivery strategies, skills for reducing speech anxiety, help with brainstorming and organizing outlines and more. Make an appointment with the SUU Speech and Presentation Center to meet online or on campus. The SAPC is located in the Braithwaite Building room 204.

Study Groups

There are also many study groups you can join. With smaller class study groups, students can tackle topics that many struggle with. Classmates can discuss and teach one another different concepts or study for a big test coming up. Talk to your professor and your class TA to find or set up study sessions for students in the same class.

All of these programs are provided to SUU students free of charge. Students who feel overwhelmed with work can balance their workload outlook by using these tools. SUU strives to assist students in developing the academic skills and strategies, personal responsibility, and effective decision-making needed to be successful through providing these resources.

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