I Got Admitted to SUU! What Now?

Posted: May 08, 2024 | Author: Fae Dutson | Read Time: 4 minutes

SUU student cheering at eventFirst of all, congratulations on being admitted to the best university in Utah! We’re so excited for you to join T-Bird Nation. That being said, now that you’re officially in, there are a few things on your end to make sure you do before your first day. We’ve consolidated these things here for your convenience, so getting ready to attend Southern Utah University is as easy as walking under the Bell Tower! Here are all of the things you should do the summer before your freshman year:

#1: Lock In!

Once you've been admitted, you should secure your place at SUU as soon as possible. This includes paying your enrollment deposit and filling out the T-Bird Takeoff questionnaire! This is so we can learn a few things about you, find out what kind of student you are, and learn how to best accommodate your individual needs. Once these two things are done, the university officially recognizes you as a student! Then, you can continue to do what’s on your new student checklist and register for your classes!

#2: Housing

One of the most important things about college is knowing where you’re going to live! Here is a great article to help you find both on and off-campus housing in Cedar City. You can room with friends going with you to SUU, or make some new friends with roommates you haven’t met yet! Make sure to look at the size of the housing, the pricing, how many roommates you’d have and anything else that will make or break your college experience for you. Research is key! After you pin down your housing, make sure you do your college shopping before you move. The stores on move-in day are always packed with people getting their essentials the day of, so it’s best to be prepared. Make sure you consider what you will actually need in your day-to-day routine. This college packing list includes a great list of things you will need in your dorm, as well as things to leave behind when coming to college!

#3: Visit Campus

Once you’re enrolled, you will likely start to get some texts and emails from someone called your “Ace.” An Ace is a student at SUU whose job is to ensure you’re prepared for your first year! Feel free to go to them for questions, help, and our favorite: a personalized visit! During the summer, it’s highly encouraged that you take a personalized tour of SUU before your first day! They will take you to all of your classes (once your academic advisor puts your schedule together) so that you know where to go. That, and you get to choose all the campus resources/clubs/groups that you're interested in, and your Ace will help you meet with the right people to get you in the know. While you’re in town, be sure to stop by your future housing if you’ve picked one already, and explore a few local spots! To schedule a visit, sign up online, contact your Ace or email thenest@suu.edu.

#4: Submit All The Things

The best way to save yourself time and money is to make sure the university has records of your transcripts and financial aid. If you took college courses in high school like AP or Concurrent Enrollment, you don’t have to take those courses here, so make sure your academic advisor has updated versions of your high school transcripts. This is also how we determine or update your scholarship amount. In that vein, make sure you include SUU as one of the schools you send your FAFSA information to so you can receive any financial aid that you qualify for. There are a few other things for you to complete online before the first day of school, those being: online orientation, Title IX training (can be found via Canvas through your MySUU portal) and submitting a photo for your student ID card.

#5: Get Ready for ThunderU!

ThunderU is a week-long orientation period full of events, dances, karaoke, crafts, meeting people– you name it. Every incoming student is required to attend, except for online students. This is where you meet people in your major, familiarize yourself with SUU’s student life and academic culture, hear an address from President Mindy Benson herself and party hard with the rest of your graduating class! It’s the start of your amazing journey at SUU, and always begins with a walk under the Bell Tower headed east, representing the new beginnings brought on by your college career.

We are so excited to see you in August, more than we can possibly say. There are just a few screws to tighten before you get here, but with this list, you should now be in the know about how to get it done! You can find links to all of the pages you may need in the new student checklist. By having all of these things covered before you arrive, you’ll come prepared and ready to become a part of T-Bird Nation!

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