New Student Checklist for Incoming Freshmen

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New Student Checklist for Incoming Freshmen

The new student checklist is a list of items incoming college students need to complete prior to their arrival on campus. These tasks are broken up into three categories: required, recommended, and optional. The optional tasks are suggestions that will improve your experience at Southern Utah University and help make the transition to college life much easier!

Required Items to Add to Your New Student Checklist

  1. Secure housing. On-Campus/Off-Campus. There are several dorm options available on campus: Cedar Hall, Founders Hall, Eccles Living Learning Center, and Ponderosa Terrace. Additionally, there are lots of housing options off-campus.
  2. Fill out the FAFSA. The FAFSA can provide students with Pell grants, work-study, and/or loans.
  3. Accept financial aid on mySUU Portal. For more information on how to accept financial aid or how to apply scholarships/ grants/ loans, call the SUU Financial Aid Office (435) 586-7735.
  4. Purchase/Rent Textbooks. This can be done on the SUU Bookstore website, but be sure to check with your professors which books are required for the course and if the textbook is physical or online. Used textbooks are recommended for rental.
  5. Sign up for Campus Safety Alerts.Campus Safety Alerts are sent out to students in the event that there was an emergency or threat to the safety of those on campus, as well as natural disaster warnings.
  6. Complete Title IX Training (training will NOT be available until one week before the start of the semester). The Title IX training will teach you about what to do in the case of sexual misconduct. It is crucial that you complete this online training BEFORE coming to school.
  7. Complete SUU Online Orientation (required to complete prior to the start of school). Your orientation is through Canvas, so be sure to do a little of it every day so that you can complete it by the time school starts.
  8. Mark your calendar for Thunder U. Thunder U is SUU's required orientation week for freshmen. It takes place over the first week of class, with activities planned throughout the day and some dances at night!
  9. Get Your Student ID Card. Upload a photo and request your Student ID card or go to the Sharwan Smith Student Center to room 117 to have your picture taken for your Student ID card. Card pick-up in the same location.
  10. Schedule a meeting with your academic advisor. Your academic advisor is here to help you map out your course for your college education. You are assigned an advisor based on your major.
  11. Speaking of majors, it is a good idea to pick one. SUU has so many amazing programs for students of any major! But if you’re not quite sure what you want to major in, consider declaring “undecided” or you can even declare a double major or consider having a minor! If you change your mind, don’t worry! See your academic advisor to change your major.

Recommended for New College Students

  1. Buy a parking pass and/or obtain a free bike permit. Go to the Parking Permits App in the mySUU portal. Students are allowed to purchase a Student (red) or Housing (gray) parking pass. Motorcycle or scooter passes can be purchased as well, and bike passes are free of charge.
  2. Submit your AP courses, Concurrent Enrollment Courses, etc. To confirm that your credits have been applied, go to mySUU and follow the “Degree Works” link under “Resources.” If you have any questions, be sure to contact your academic advisor.
  3. Get to know your ACE. Your ACE is your Assistant Coach for Excellence and Success at SUU. They are students assigned to you to help you get acclimated and engaged, and send you emails about important information regarding your first year at SUU.
  4. Sign up for a PO box on campus. PO boxes can be located on the first level in each dorm and can be purchased online or at the Post Office. For larger package pickup, you will receive an email of arrival. Pickup in the lower level of the Bookstore.
  5. Download the SUU App to receive announcements about upcoming activities. The app also has a map of the campus, news, clubs, health and wellness measures, academic/ student resources, the tradition keeper checklist, and so much more! Learn how to use the SUU App.
  6. Apply for a campus job/work-study position. To apply, go to the mySUU page and follow the T-Bird Campus Jobs link in the apps column. There will be indications on each job posting about if the job is a campus job or work study.
  7. Follow @SUUTBirds on social media for updated information. 

Optional for New College Students

  1. Schedule a personal visit to campus. Come see the beautiful setting where our great school resides. Surrounded by red rock, SUU is by far the jewel of Southern Utah!
  2. Take the ALEKS Math Placement test if needed, remote or in person. Testing out of classes can save you time and money, so if you don’t want to retake a class, new students can read more about testing out of classes.
  3. Apply for disability accommodations. New students who qualify for disability accommodations can have their experience tailored to fit their individual needs.
  4. Turn in the FERPA (information release) parental request form. FERPA, or the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, protects your academic records. Once a new college student turns 18, or goes to college at any age, those rights are transferred from the parents to the student.
  5. Join your FYE Facebook Group for new students (this link will be emailed to you from the First-Year Experience office). The FYE Office is meant to help new students figure out everything from housing to orientation to scholarships.

Everyone at SUU is ready to help you get started preparing for college and making the transition to college. Getting ready to start as a new college student should be straightforward, and SUU is your number one supporter through it all! We would love to have you next year!

After you've gone through the new student checklist, visit SUU's "what you need to know as an incoming freshman" post if you have any more questions about what to do before you become the newest student at SUU.

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