Business Graduate Programs

Business Graduate Programs Policy – Transfer and/or Course Substitution

Students who are admitted to a Southern Utah University Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business Graduate Program, may submit a request to have previously completed graduate level courses, either from within the university or completed at an outside university, assessed for course substitution towards their SUU graduate program.

Assessment Process

  • Official transcripts need to be received by the graduate admissions office showing proof of course completion with a B or better.
    • Courses completed lower than a B will not be considered.
    • Courses with a “P” (pass) or equivalent will not be considered
    • Courses older than 5 years will not be eligible for consideration
    • If the course is “in progress” a tentative assessment can be made but final transcripts showing a grade of a B or better will need to be received before an official course substitution can take place.
  • A course syllabus needs to be sent to the Graduate and Online Coordinator for each course the student wants to have assessed up to the allowed amount per program. See table 1.1 for reference
    • Assessments will not be conducted on course descriptions

*NOTE: Internships, research, and graduate readings are not eligible for consideration for course substitution/transfer.

Allowed Amount of Substitution Credits Per Program

Allowed Transfer/Substitution
Master of Business Administration Up to 12 Credits
Up to 12 Credits
Master of Accountancy
Up to 9 Credits
Master of Science in Business Analytics
Up to 12 Credits
Joint Master of Business Administration / Master of Accountancy Program
Up to 12 Credits COMBINED
*Allowed 12 credits total between the two programs. Not to exceed 9 credits for MAcc courses 12 credits for MBA Courses. 12 total allowed combined.