Sample Seminar Schedule

CAPS is committed to providing didactic and experiential training to interns through a variety of modalities. Examples include: weekly and biweekly Seminars that are exclusive to interns, all-staff Professional Development Meeting, and intentional education within the context of group supervision (including supervision of group therapy, assessment, and supervision). Below, are sample seminar schedules, which illustrate the types of structured training interns receive each week.

Topic: Presenter
Short Term Therapy Curt Hill, PhD 
Brief Solution-Focused Therapy Andrea Donovan, LCSW
Supporting Survivors of Sexualized Violence Kristina Johnson, PhD
Post-Mormonism Merrill Jones, PhD
Motivational Interviewing Guest Presenter
Couples Therapy 1 of 2 Magnum Morgan, LMFT
DBT 1 of 2 DeNean Petersen, LCSW
Response-Based Practice Andrea Donovan, LCSW
Post-Docs Rachel Fraser, PhD
Narcissism and Perpetrators Curt Hill, Ph.D.
Social Work Philosophy/Theory/Practice Guest Presenter
Hospitalization DeNean Petersen, LCSW
Veterans 1 of 2 Merrill Jones, PhD
Veterans 2 of 2 Merrill Jones, PhD
Grief DeNean Petersen, LCSW
OCD Treatment Rachel Fraser, PhD
Career Counseling Blaine Edwards, CMHC
Ethical Decision-Making Models Curt Hill, PhD
Harm Reduction Kristina Johnson, PhD
Common Factors Blaine Edwards, CMHC
Couples Therapy 2 of 2 Magnum Morgan, LMFT
Salaries/Money Curt Hill, PhD
Working with Challenging Clients DeNean Petersen, LCSW
Healthy Sexual Development and Utah Culture Merrill Jones, PhD
Existential Therapy Curt Hill, PhD
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Merrill Jones, PhD
Starting a Private Practice Guest Presenter
DBT 2 of 2 DeNean Petersen, LCSW
Termination Strategies Blaine Edwards, CMHC
ASD 1 of 2 Merrill Jones, PhD
ASD 2 of 2 Merrill Jones, PhD
EMDR DeNean Petersen, LCSW
Licensing Requirements Kristina Johnson, PhD
EPPP Rachel Fraser, PhD
Philosophies of Camus and Weil Curt Hill, PhD
3 Psychotherapies, Therapist 1 CAPS Staff
3 Psychotherapies, Therapist 2 CAPS Staff
3 Psychotherapies, Therapist 3 CAPS Staff
3 Psychotherapies, Discussion CAPS Staff
Private Practice 1 of 2 Andrea Donovan, LCSW
Private Practice 2 of 2 DeNean Petersen, LCSW
Wrapping Up Internship Kristina Johnson, PhD

Interns also attend Diversity Seminar (monthly during Fall and Spring Semesters), Assessment Seminar (every other week during Fall Semester and monthly during Spring Semester), and Supervision Seminar (every other week during Spring Semester). Like Training Seminar, these presentations are made by senior staff members and other psychologists and licensed mental health providers from the larger SUU community and Cedar City community.

Sample Topics for Diversity Seminar:

Local Diversity
Intersectionality & Social Justice
Safe Zone Training
Campus & Community Initiatives
Four Points and the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah Health
LGBTQIA+ & LDS Identities
Financial Aid
Plural Families
DEI Lens in Crisis Work
Intern Presentations on Topic of Choice

Sample Topics for Assessment Seminar:

Educational Assessment
Learning Disabilities & ADHD
Structured Interview/Behavioral Observations
Attention/CPT-3 & Self-Report Measures
Personality Inventories
Interpretation and Report Writing
Trauma Symptom Inventory-2
Eating Disorder Assessment, Interview
Eating Disorder Inventory-3
Substance Abuse Assessment
Career Assessment Inventories
Holland Code Inventories
Other Objective & Subjective Assessments

Sample Topics for Supervision of Supervision:

Introduction to Supervision
Supervision Skills
Cultural Considerations in Supervision
Supervision Models
Supervision: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly
Supervision Case Studies
Addressing Skill Difficulties, Deficits, and Competency Concerns
Intern Presentation on Supervision Model