Student Fees per Semester

Students enrolled for fewer than 10 credits will be assessed fees at a rate proportional to the number of credits for which they are enrolled.


Student Fee Name Amount Fee Description
Athletics $103.00 The fee grants students free access to all home games for our 17, Division 1 sports teams. The Athletics portion of student fees helps fund the day-to-day operations of Southern Utah University's Athletics Department.
Building - Student Center $146.00 Building use is free to students and student organizations. The fee is used to cover the ongoing expense of maintenance and operations related to the function of the Sharwan Smith Center. This includes bond obligations, scheduled maintenance, custodial services, utilities, event support, staffing, administration, repairs, replacements, and upgrades that relate specifically to the use and function of these buildings.
Building - SUMA $11.00 This fee is used to cover the ongoing expense of maintenance and operations related to the function of the Southern Museum of Art. This includes bond obligations, scheduled maintenance, custodial services, utilities, repairs, replacements, and upgrades that relate specifically to the use and function of these buildings. SUMA offers art exhibitions without charging admission. In addition to our traveling art exhibitions, the gallery hosts Graduating Seniors' BFA exhibitions, SUU Art & Design Faculty exhibitions and the annual Southern Utah Art Invitational Exhibition. The fees also help care for the over 1000 works of art owned by SUU that are rotated throughout offices, classrooms and common areas on campus.
Campus Recreation $5.00 The Campus Recreation student fee covers student wages for the PE facility during open rec hours, wages for student workers for intramural sports, and all the equipment for the facility and intramurals.
Civic Engagement (Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service) $1.00 This fee supplements the current budget to help with Pizza and Politics, lobbying trips to the State Capitol, voter registration drives, debates and panels, public career speakers, and public service opportunities. The center helps to educate students to become more responsible and educated in a democratic society.
Community Engagement Center $6.00 Student fees help support Community Engagement Center programs like Wee Be Groovin' and Wee Swim, After School Sports, the Special Olympics and Service Clubs, Make A Difference Day, the 9/11 Day of Service and a variety of other service opportunities open to any SUU student. Fees also help maintain programs like Bread & Soup Nite and the HOPE Pantry. Mini-breaks are also available to students for free. Because of fees, the Community Engagement Center is also able to provide some assistance to students and campus clubs and organizations who are sponsoring their own service events.
Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) $25.00 The CAPS Student Fee helps to provide for daily services of individual counseling, group counseling, the biofeedback lab, and outreach and prevention services. The fee also helps conduct needed research into changing student needs, program development, and continuing education and training for our counselors. Some office expenses are also covered.
Music Department $3.25 The music fee allows students to attend more than 30 music department concerts and recitals free of charge each semester. The fee provides for free access to the recording studio for students, supplements instrument purchase and repair, aids in advertising, and also helps students attend conferences in events they are competing in.
Outdoor Recreation $8.00 The Outdoor Recreation fee covers free student access to the P.E. building climbing wall, the SUU rope course, and funding for 50 outdoor adventures, student wages for the SUU Outdoors Center student employees, equipment and upkeep. The 50 available adventures are free and include transportation, equipment, entrances fees and trained supervisors. Students can rent outdoor gear for subsidized prices, as well as attend the challenge course for subsidized pricing. Students also have access to free, 15-90 minute workshops for adventure leader training.
Student Center Activity Fee $19.00 The Sharwan Smith Student Center activity fee provides the operational and programming budget for the Student Involvement and Leadership office, the Cheer and Stunt Team and supplements the programming budget for the R.E.A.L. Peer Mentor program and non-traditional student programming. It also funds student employees that serve as night managers for the Sharwan Smith Student Center and has financed some furniture for the student lounge spaces in the building.

Student Health Clinic Fee


This fee grants students the benefit and convenience of an on-campus student health clinic and easier access to medical care. The fee will fund one-time set-up costs of remodeling and office equipment, then continue to fund the ongoing costs of personnel and medical supplies. The clinic serves all students and will help them remain healthy during the semesters they are studying at SUU.

SUU Connect


SUU Connect is a robust alumni network specific to SUU. It is a platform that directly benefits students across campus, giving them a meaningful network of SUU alumni to seek mentorship from. This fee is used to cover the cost of SUU Connect for all students and alumni, allowing them the opportunity to expand their networks, find jobs post-graduation, and feel more confident in their career/major choice.

SUUSA - Student Association $10.75 Student fees for the Student Association are divided between the branches of student government under direction of the SUUSA Executive Council. This includes all SUUSA activities, clubs and organizations, and publicity as well as supporting the president’s cabinet and academic senate initiatives.
Testing Center $1.00 The Testing Center fee covers student wages, allowing additional staffing for the center, reduced wait time in the queue, and the ability to offer extended hours and more flexibility to students in their already busy school and work schedules.
Theater Arts & Dance Department $4.00 Student fees for the Department of Theatre Arts and Dance allow SUU students to attend each theatre performance and dance concert free. The fees are used for production budgets, including materials and labor, to build and install sets, lighting, sound and costumes for each production.
Tutoring Center $7.00 The Tutoring Center fee covers tutor wages, allowing students to attend walk-in tutoring or group tutoring free of charge. Assistance is available fall, spring, and summer terms for over 100 courses.
Tradition Keeper $0.25 The Tradition Keeper program encourages students to experience events and activities in every corner of campus and to go beyond the borders of campus to experience the world's best backyard that is Cedar City/Southern Utah. The fee for Tradition Keeper is spent on promoting the program to current students, restocking incentives and expanding student tradition events.
University Journal $5.00 Student Fee money helps train journalists and others who are interested in the publishing and web industries, and it keeps the community informed about SUU students and activities through the student-produced University Journal and suunews website. The student staff produces the University Journal newspaper and the suunews website and distributes the newspaper on campus weekly and keeps the website as current as possible to keep our community informed.
Total $388.00