Alternative Breaks

What is an Alternative Break?

Alternative Breaks are community service-learning trips during winter and spring breaks. There are also mini-breaks, usually over a Friday afternoon and Saturday. Participants travel locally and internationally to engage in active service, learn about social issues, and have life-changing experiences! Each break is lead by an experienced student leader and overseen by a campus advisor.

What will I do on a break?

Participants are engaged in direct service for four or five full days during week-long breaks. The type of service depends on the trip. SUU students have built homes, worked with underprivileged children, done disaster clean-up, delivered humanitarian supplies, taught gardening, and more! In the evenings, you'll have the chance to enjoy free time, play games, hang out, explore local areas of interest, or just relax.

How much do breaks cost? And, is there financial assistance?

Alternative Breaks are usually $450 to $900 depending on duration and location. This year (2020-21) they'll be almost free! Financial assistance is available.

Where do the breaks go?

Breaks and mini-breaks go all over Utah, the United States and the world. For more information on issues, locations and to apply, register and make payments, select the break season you're interested in:

Winter Break, 2022

Spring Break, 2023