Service Leader Positions

The Community Engagement Center will accept online applications for Service Leader positions for the 2021-22 school year in March, 2021.

All Service Leaders are required to:

  • Attend a one-day Service Leader Retreat on Saturday, April 3, 9 am-1 pm and a three-day training and planning retreat in late August (these are REQUIRED, really)
  • Attend weekly Service Leader meeting during the 2021-22 school year, Wednesdays from 6-7 pm (credit bearing option available)
  • Spend two office hours per week in the Center providing office coverage, preparing for your program, working on projects, familiarizing self with local opportunities, etc.
  • Represent the Community Engagement Center at Thunder U, Welcome Week events
  • Assist with Center events; club fairs, Volunteer Fair, Homecoming events, Thank You Reception, and others
  • Be an SUU student (at least half time)
  • Have and maintain a 2.5 or better grade point average 
  • Service Leaders are provided with a $250 bookstore stipend, a couple of cool shirts and a great leadership and personal development experience

After School Sports

  • Coordinate with area Youth and Families with Promise organization and Cedar Middle School to identify potential youth participants
  • Plan and oversee weekly physical activities for middle school aged youth, including advertising to youth, securing location, recruiting volunteer help
  • Provide occasional additional enrichment activities for youth to encourage academic success

Alternative Break, Mini-Break Manager*

  • Working with Community Engagement Center staff, help oversee break trip development, advertising, and fundraising
  • Assist in developing and providing break trip leader and break participant training
  • Assist in providing logistical support to Alternative Break trips
  • Plan annual Alternative Break celebration
  • *This position requires participation in a Break Away training, the CEC will cover all costs

Alternative Spring and Winter Breaks

  • Plan and carryout, with the help of the ASB advisor(s), all aspects of the alternative break including fundraising, student recruitment, travel arrangements, liability management, on-site activity planning, etc.
  • May include coordinating with Habitat for Humanity, Via International, IVHQ, Break a Difference, or other service organizations

Bread & Soup Nite

  • Plan and carryout monthly Bread & Soup Nite, including coordinating food, entertainment, location, publicity, etc.
  • Coordinate with the HOPE Pantry Service Leader to create and distribute information on food insecurity and food resources

Days for Girls

  • Develop and hold regular DFG events on campus
  • Plan appropriate fund and material raising events
  • Work to develop a DFG Alternative Break

HOPE Pantry

  • Maintain both Pantry locations (SUU campus, STECH campus) including shelving and rotating stock, maintaining referral literature
  • Coordinate with groups interested in helping with “can” or hunger activities
  • Develop other hunger related programs (garden, food rescue...)
  • Coordinate with the Bread & Soup Nite Service Leaders to create and distribute information on food insecurity and food resources


  • In coordination with CEC staff, plan two mini-breaks per semester (mini-breaks are one to three-day break experiences done in closer proximity to campus than the longer alternative breaks)
  • Recruit participants
  • Manage mini-break day-of logistics and service

Paiute Center Tutoring

  • Coordinate with local Paiute Center to assist with reading help/tutoring four afternoons per week
  • Recruit SUU volunteers to participate
  • Assist with incentive programs for Paiute youth

PR/Social Media

  • Assist Service Leaders in developing print and media content to advertise events and opportunities
  • Assist in utilizing social media and other platforms
  • Assist the Community Engagement Center and its leaders/programs in developing and maintaining a brand/brand identity
  • Assist in maintaining the Center web page

Service Club

  • Recruit club members
  • Coordinate two to three monthly service events, including opportunities to participate in on and off-campus events
  • Participate as a club in campus and Center events

Service Leader Chair

  • Serve as a liaison for the Service Leaders to campus organizations (SUUSA, Leavitt Center, etc.)
  • Assist in planning and running weekly Service Leader trainings
  • Assist in planning one-time special events, which may include 9/11 Day of Service, Make a Difference Day, and others

Sub for Santa

  • Coordinate with Iron County Holiday Assistance to oversee Sub for Santa on campus, including the Angel Tree, fund and food raising events, etc.
  • Coordinate community-based Angel Trees
  • Coordinate one to two community-based fund/food/toy-raisers

SUU Discover—A Book is More Than a Cover (story hour)

  • Coordinate with the Cedar Public Library to arrange a weekly story hour geared toward k-3-grade aged children
  • Plan weekly age appropriate stories/activities

Wee Be Groovin’

  • Coordinate with East Elementary to schedule time/location and advertise to East families and youth
  • Plan and oversee weekly dance activities for elementary school aged youth, including recruiting volunteer help
  • Offer additional enrichment activities or opportunities to youth/families as needed

Wee Swim

  • Coordinate with the area Head Start preschool and the SUU swimming pool to arrange swimming lessons
  • Advertise to Head Start parents
  • Recruit Red Cross certified swim instructors and other volunteer help
  • Provide three to four six week sessions during the school year