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Our mission is to strengthen the bond between SUU and the local community. We are dedicated to enhancing collaboration, communication, and sustainability, celebrating the community, and providing educational opportunities while actively listening to and fulfilling its needs. Through these efforts, we aim to further enrich the thriving, inclusive, and harmonious environment where the university and the town wholeheartedly support each other for the betterment of all residents.

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Campus Neighbor Resources

At SUU, being good neighbors is a top priority. We actively engage with the local community through initiatives such as volunteer programs, neighborhood clean-up events, and collaborative projects that address shared concerns. We also provide resources like educational workshops, health services, and cultural events that benefit our neighbors. Additionally, we are committed to sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices to reduce our impact on the environment and enhance the quality of life for everyone in our community. Through open communication and a genuine spirit of cooperation, we are dedicated to fostering a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship with our valued neighbors.

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At SUU, our aim is to be a unifying force within our community. We not only seek to connect with our neighbors through various initiatives but also strive to create spaces and opportunities that foster connections among community members themselves. By promoting collaboration, dialogue, and shared experiences, we hope to build a stronger, more interconnected community where individuals can support and uplift one another.

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