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Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment (CE) is a program that allows high school students to earn college credit and high school credit at the same time. SUU serves Iron, Beaver & Garfield counties through this state supported program. Courses are delivered through a variety of methods including Face to Face classes in the high schools, Intervideo Conference Broadcasting, and Online. Our main purpose is to provide General Education and CTE courses to assist students in preparing for the rigors of college and giving them a start on their college credits.

Benefits for Students

  • Reduces cost! CE courses cost only $5 per credit.
  • Facilitates the transition to college life, instilling good study habits and critical thinking skills.
  • Offers students a head start on college, shortening the time necessary to earn a degree.
  • Builds student's confidence that they can be successful at the college level.
  • Gives undecided students an opportunity to determine if college is right for them.
  • Provides early access to a college academic advisor.
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Requirements to Participate

3.0 or above High School GPA

Parent/Guardian Permission

High School Recommendation