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General Education (GE) Certificate of Proficiency

Jumpstart your academic journey with SUU's General Education (GE) program, the foundation for 2- and 4-year degrees, exploring diverse subjects through core and breadth courses.  Our GE Certificate of Proficiency, the capstone of the Concurrent Enrollment program, lets you complete general education requirements that are transferable across Utah's public colleges and universities.

With at least 30 credits in fundamental areas like English, Math, and Science, you'll build a strong foundation of critical thinking and communication skills. Concurrent enrollment during high school is highly recommended, making the transition to college smoother and more streamlined. GE courses are required for college graduation and are transferable from one Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) institution to another.

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To obtain your GE follow these steps:

If you're a Utah high school student attending a school that has an agreement with SUU, apply through Concurrent Enrollment for reduced tuition.  Alternatively, if you wish to access our online-only program , enroll through  Early College Online , which is available to qualifying high school students worldwide.

SUU General Education Worksheet

  • This will open a personal copy of a spreadsheet, where you can review the requirements and input the credits you’ve already earned, to guide you towards meeting the GE criteria.  
  • Select classes from each General Education (GE) category. The required number of credits to receive the GE Certificate of Proficiency is indicated in blue under each category.

Important notice:  This worksheet is for your reference only and does not guarantee the courses taken from other sources will transfer over equally to SUU.  The SUU Admissions Department shall verify all transcripts and determine credit placement before actual degrees or GE Certificates are awarded.

Inquire with your high school counselor about the GE classes available at your school and other ways to fulfill GE requirements, such as through Advanced Placement (AP) courses or Early College Online . To determine how different course choices align with various certificate and degree programs inside the Utah Concurrent Enrollment system, reach out to SUU Academic Advisor, Craig Lewis (craiglewis@suu.edu).

Benefits of a GE Certificate:

  • Save Time and Money: Simultaneously earn high school and college credits, saving you significant time and financial resources.
  • Cultivate Academic Success: Boost your critical thinking skills and foster effective study habits for thriving in a college environment.
  • Adaptability: Our online program lets you accommodate your busy schedule. 
  • Build Foundations for Further Studies: General Education courses are mandatory for college graduation. The GE Certificate acts as a stepping stone towards an associate or bachelor's degree, with credits easily transferable across Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) institutions, or stay at SUU and finish your AS and BS/BA degrees as a T-bird."
  • Finish your Associates degree or Bachelors degree at SUU, or if needed, the GE Certificate is easily transferred  to other Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) institutions.

SUU’s General Education (GE) program provides the subject-area knowledge and learning skills foundation for 2- and 4-year degrees. Core and Institution courses make up the general education foundation. Breadth courses give an opportunity to explore various subjects. GE courses are highly advisable for concurrent enrollment students. GE courses are required for college graduation and are transferable from one Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) institution to another.

Associates Degree

A tower of milestones for the associates degressSUU offers Associates Degrees to high school students who complete all of the above courses for the GE Certificate (30 GE credits) plus additional electives and/or GE courses for a total of 60 credits. SUU accepts transfer credits from other colleges which can be used towards the 60 required credits for an Associates Degree; however, at least 24 credits must be earned directly from Southern Utah University. We offer numerous courses online (these include GE requirements and other elective courses as found in the Registration tab for each semester's offerings) to help fulfill elective credit requirements, including Aviation and Cybersecurity classes.

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Credit for Advanced Placement Exams and Portfolios

The SUU Concurrent Enrollment(CE) program accepts AP test scores as credits towards completion of GE requirements, recognizing the in-depth knowledge they have acquired through these rigorous courses. By integrating your AP courses with our program, you can earn university credits that will expedite your academic journey. To understand how each AP class/test corresponds to credits at SUU, please use the button below to visit the SUU AP Credits page.

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