Video Services


Kaltura is our video platform. With Kaltura, you can upload media, record a webcam, record a presentation, embed a YouTube video, and create Video Quizzes.


Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC)

Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) is connecting two or more sites via audio and video through the use of video conferencing equipment. IVC may be used to hold conferences, meetings, classes, workshops, or one-on-one scenarios to give participants the opportunity to see, hear, and share information digitally in real time.

For more information please contact Shane Flanigan at

360 Video

360 video equipment allows for capturing 360-degree video. These videos can be viewed just like any other video format, but allow the user to choose the viewing direction at any point in the video. It can create an immersive experience or can be an excellent choice for when you want to capture everything that is happening around the camera. We are happy to discuss how 360 videos might enhance your course, or we can help bring your own ideas to life. If you are interested in our 360 video capabilities contact Chase Krohn at

*Note that 360 video projects that require travel will require additional time for planning and approval.

Technology Equipment Checkout

We have two Document Cameras that are available for checkout. These can be used to create videos of handwritten documents (i.e. math problems being solved, diagrams, charts, etc.) and captures audio as well. If you are interested in learning more about Document Cameras and how they may be used please contact


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