Disability Resource Center

DRC Support Workshop

This workshop is an opportunity for individuals to get together, learn from, and support each other. This is a safe place to learn about new skills and pertinent issues such as time management, test taking, mindfulness, stress management, perfectionism, self-advocacy, dating, professional relationships and self-compassion. Students may attend at any time throughout the semester. This group is sponsored by Counseling and Psychological Services.

  • Thursdays - 3:00 PM via Zoom
  • Ongoing
  • Zoom link
  • Meeting ID: 963 8804 9316

Professional Development Instruction

  • University-to-Job Pathway
  • Networking
  • One-on-One Personalized Instruction
  • Skill Building Sessions

In partnership with the Department of Workforce Services.

department of workforce services

Opportunities and Internships

If you are a registered student through our office and are between the age of 17-22, we have some support service options that might be of interest to you;

  • A resourceful SUU-1020 career and professional development course.
  • An experienced peer student mentor to offer academic instruction weekly.
  • A possible paid internship for summer semester 2021.

Contact our Grant Coordinator, Susan Hunter, at  susanhunter@suu.edu or  435-586-7846 for more information.

Mission Statement

The Disability Resource Center at Southern Utah University continuously provides support and services to students with disabilities who are overcoming different educational difficulties because of their individual challenges. Reasonable accommodations are offered to participants in the program, giving them access to services requested by law. We encourage self-direction, resourcefulness, academic skill development and personal advancement. Cooperation between faculty, students and community assures an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance. To achieve its Mission, the Southern Utah University Disability Office focuses on the following goals:

  • Guide potential and qualified students to our services
  • Increase and maintain student enrollment and retention
  • Provide means to empower students in their education to enhance independence.
  • Provide support and accessibility to our services for students to improve academically.

Information and Technical Assistance on the Americans with Disabilities Act

Contact Information

Building and Office Location: Student Support Center (ST) Suite 206 F-I
Phone:  435-865-8042
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am-5pm