Disability Support Responsibilities

Southern Utah University’s Responsibilities

SUU's responsibilities to individuals with disabilities are mandated by federal laws such as Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

SUU has a responsibility to provide responsible accommodations, academic adjustments, or auxiliary aids to qualified students with medical, psychological, learning or other disabilities who voluntarily disclose to Disability Resource Center (DRC) that they have a disability, provide documentation of that disability, request an accommodation and meet the criteria for receipt of accommodations.  SUU is responsible to furnish appropriate auxiliary aids and services where necessary to allow equal opportunity as defined by federal law and regulation to participate and enjoy the benefit of a service, program, or activity conducted by the University.

Faculty are responsible for having the following statement in their Syllabi :

Students with medical, psychological, learning or other disabilities desiring academic adjustments, accommodations, or auxiliary aids will need to contact the Southern Utah University Director of services for students with disabilities, in room 206F of the Sharwan Smith Center or phone 435-865-8042. The disability office determines eligibility for and authorizes the provision of services.

The Student’s Responsibilities

  1. Meet with a Disability Resource Center counselor at least two weeks prior to the needed service.
  2. Voluntarily disclose to the DRC any disability that could impact your education at Southern Utah University.
  3. Provide current, complete diagnostic information of the disability to the DRC.
  4. Sign a “Release of Information” for your confidential file.
  5. Prior to the start of each semester meet with the Director of the DRC to determine accommodation(s) needed.
  6. Notify the DRC of any changes in needed services or accommodations.
  7. Attend class and maintain the academic standards set by the university and the department.
  8. Report accessibility issues to the Accessibility Task Force.