Disability Accommodation Request

The Southern Utah University Disability Resource Center’s mission is to provide qualified students with disabilities the opportunity to have equal access to Utah academic programs as they navigate their own educational journey at our institution. The Disability Resource Center is committed to providing reasonable accommodations as directed by Federal and State Law.

How to Request Accommodations:

Step 1: Apply online. Please note that by completing this form an accommodation request will be submitted for you and the information that you provide will be accessed for processing and implementing your approved accommodations at Southern Utah University.

Step 2: Please upload or provide via secure file link a copy of your diagnostic documentation. This documentation can be in the form of a formal letter from your healthcare provider or an educational assessment or psychological evaluation results from your certified professional. Guidelines for Documentation.

Step 3: The DRC staff will schedule an appointment with you to review your official documentation as well as to discuss how you are impacted by your condition or disability. Reasonable and appropriate accommodation is often determined through a flexible, interactive process involving the student and the DRC staff. Final responsibility for selection of the most appropriate accommodation(s) rests with the University, following ADA guidelines. Early communication regarding accommodation is essential. Late requests will be honored to the best of our ability, but could result in delay, substitution, or inability to complete.

Step 4: The DRC staff will review student’s information and documentation, including a review of the interactive process and formalize final accommodations. Your DRC cohort manager will contact you for an accommodation introductory appointment, in which each accommodation is discussed in depth, including an explanation of how to access and utilize each accommodation.

Step 5: A DRC welcome letter is emailed to each student, containing a summary and access information of each accommodation. Students are now fully registered with the Disability Resource Center.

Step 6: Activate accommodations each semester of use or waive accommodations for the semester with the Accommodation Waiver.

IMPORTANT: You must renew your accommodations every semester to continue receiving accommodations and to re-activate step six (above). If you feel that previously approved accommodations need to be adjusted or reviewed, or if any new accommodations need to be added, you are encouraged to contact the DRC for consideration of these changes.

Important Notes

  • Instructors are under no obligation to provide accommodations for a student
    who does not provide an Accommodation Letter from the DRC.
  • If a student needs to request a modification of accommodations, the student should contact their DRC cohort manager to discuss the change.
  • Accommodations go into effect once the Accommodation Letter has been delivered and discussed with instructors; accommodations are not retroactive.
  • If a student would like to waive their accommodation access or usage for a semester or academic year, please complete the Accommodation Waiver