Disability Support Center

Frequently Asked Questions at the Disability Support Office

When should I notify the Disability Support Office at Southern Utah University about my disability?

  • It is recommended to contact Disability Support Office as soon as possible after being accepted. By doing so, the DSO can be utilized more efficiently.

If I need a psychological evaluation who do I contact?

  • SUU counseling and Psychological Services is an excellent source to direct you towards getting our psychological evaluation. They can be contacted by phone at (435) 865-8621 or at their office; located in Sharwan Smith Center room 168.

What accommodations will I receive?

  • Students receive accommodations according to the nature of the individual’s disability, according to the official documentation and evaluations. Accommodations will not be given that would consequently alter core elements of a course. For more questions please contact Disability Support Office at (435) 865-8022 or visit us at 206F in the Sharwan Smith center.

504 /IEP accommodations were received in high school, will these accommodations still be provided?

  • An IEP as well as 504 accommodations are not sufficient in University level; however, they are beneficial in understanding the history of student’s disability. In order to receive documentation valid for University Level an evaluation must be done within the past 3 years. For further information concerning comparing the IDEA, 504 and ADA visit the US Department of Education website.

I already have a diagnosis from an M.D. is this adequate documentation?

  • No. A licensed specialist must provide the evaluation depending on the disability. For learning or psychological disabilities a licensed psychologist must be contacted. For physical disabilities, an evaluation must be done by a medical specialist.