Frequently Asked Questions at the Disability Support Office

When should I notify the Disability Support Office at Southern Utah University about my disability?

  • It is recommended to contact Disability Support Office as soon as possible after being accepted. By doing so, the DSO can be utilized more efficiently.

If I need a psychological evaluation who do I contact?

  • SUU counseling and Psychological Services is an excellent source to direct you towards getting our psychological evaluation. They can be contacted by phone at (435) 865-8621 or at their office; located in Sharwan Smith Center room 168.

What accommodations will I receive?

  • Students receive accommodations according to the nature of the individual’s disability, according to the official documentation and evaluations. Accommodations will not be given that would consequently alter core elements of a course. For more questions please contact Disability Support Office at (435) 865-8022 or visit us at 206F in the Sharwan Smith center.

504 /IEP accommodations were received in high school, will these accommodations still be provided?

  • 504 plans transfer into higher education as long as they are accurate and current. Please contact Carmen Alldredge at to see if your 504 needs to be updated to be considered as documentation to receive accommodations.

I already have a diagnosis from an M.D. is this adequate documentation?

  • No. A licensed specialist must provide the evaluation depending on the disability. For learning or psychological disabilities a licensed psychologist must be contacted. For physical disabilities, an evaluation must be done by a medical specialist.