The Guide to
Becoming a Black
Community Ally


  • Stop telling racist jokes, and we can stop laughing at racist jokes.
  • Understand that black people face struggles that we do not.
  • Be intolerant of intolerance.
  • Confront your racism and don't be fragile/fall back on guilt.
  • Be proactive about inclusion in your daily life.
  • Do the work to be inclusive.


  • Temper the knee-jerk reaction to be offended and do a little research, educate yourself.
  • Actively participate in diversifying media (and your own media intake) to include black voices.
  • Teach our children about race.
  • Make black friends, make an effort to diversify your social spheres.
  • Stop making an anecdotal self-experience (I've been there too...) discount what we're learning about a black person's story/experience.
  • Start and encourage dialogues across difference.
  • Use your privilege (and your physical and monetary resources) to support Black people, issues, businesses, and projects.

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SUU Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Created by Dr. Schvalla Rivera (2018), contributing editors from Center for Diversity & Inclusion.