Education BuildingDepartment of Teacher Education

Elementary/Secondary Education

The Teacher Education faculty at Southern Utah University decry inequity and injustice in our educational system and greater society. We commit to developing and nurturing educators who value all people in the communities they serve. Such professional educators will act as agents of change, advocate for equity and justice in their schools and communities, and will embolden students to do the same.

The goals of the department are to develop teachers/educators who:

  • Are academically competent in subjects they are to teach
  • Have a broad background of general education and appreciate the value of both liberal arts and science in modern society
  • Have a working knowledge of the historical and philosophical foundations of education
  • Have a sincere belief in the dignity of the individual and have compassion and empathy
  • Have a working knowledge of effective classroom management and the skills of teaching
  • Realize that teaching is both an art and a science
  • Realize that America is a culturally diverse society and have a commitment to multiculturalism and pluralism
  • Provide students with action based, experience rich learning opportunities

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