Chemical Waste: Liquids

Liquid chemical waste is disposed via sanitary sewer drain disposal or Chemical Waste Program. Liquids are never disposed of in the trash or in storm drains.

Sanitary Sewer Drain Disposal

Drain disposal is only permissible for some liquid wastes. Any waste containing hazardous substances must be disposed of as hazardous substances as outlined in Hazardous Waste Determination and Waste Removal & Pickup.

If you are unsure as to whether or not something is safe to dispose of down the drain, contact ERM.

Chemical Waste Program Disposal

Liquid chemical waste determined to be regulated hazardous waste must be disposed of via the Chemical Waste Program in accordance with hazardous waste disposal requirements.

Liquid chemical waste that is unsafe for drain disposal must be disposed of via the Chemical Waste Program. These wastes should be:

  • Packed in strong containers with threaded lids.
  • Labeled with the contents.
  • Not labeled with the words "hazardous waste."
  • Submitted using the Waste Removal Request Form.

Used Oil

Spent vacuum pump oil, lubricating oil, and hydraulic oil that is not grossly contaminated with hazardous materials is considered used oil. Used oil is recycled rather than disposed of. Spent oil should be labeled "Used Oil" and not "Hazardous Waste." Submit the oil through the Chemical Waste Program.

Elemental Mercury

Elemental mercury, not contained in an intact device, is considered hazardous waste. Broken mercury thermometers, thermostats, and broken mercury lamps should be submitted to the hazardous waste program.