Waste Removal & Pickup

Waste is collected directly from the generating department

Waste is collected directly from the laboratories or the point of generation on Southern Utah University's main campus at the end of every semester.

To request pick-up from your area, please fill out the Waste Removal Request Form. Requests will need to be made 4 weeks before the end of the semester. Typically ERM will reach out to known generators across campus prior to the scheduled collection. However, filling out the online form or contacting ERM with your waste information will help make sure your waste is not missed.

Waste Eligible for Removal

  • Non-regulated experimental waste and debris
  • Hazardous Waste (see Hazardous Waste Determination)
  • Spill debris or grossly contaminated materials
  • Used Pump Oil
  • Mercury containing articles
  • Universal Waste - Batteries (i.e. Rechargeable Batteries)

Waste Restricted from Removal

  • Regulated Medical Waste. ERM can still help with RMW, however, the process and disposal times may differ from other chemical wastes.
  • Radioactive Waste
  • Consumer Electronic waste is managed through the SUU Surplus Office.
  • Laboratory glassware
  • Recyclables
  • Regular trash

Requirements for Removal

  • All waste must be containerized and sealed tightly.
  • Containers must be compatible and in good condition (transfer all waste from leaking containers)
  • All waste must be labeled appropriately
    • Non-regulated waste: Labeled with the words "Non-Regulated" with the contents listed legibly in English.
    • Hazardous Waste: Labeled with the words "Hazardous Waste" with the contents listed legibly in English.
    • Oil must be labeled "Used Oil" (unless it has been contaminated with hazardous waste)
  • Waste must be clearly marked or placed in a way that it is clear that it is for ERM pick-up.
  • You must be available at the time of pick-up if needed (upon request) to provide access or to answer questions.

Contact Brandon Ragan: brandonragan@suu.edu for questions regarding this service and process.