Risk Management

Risk Management is a part of the Office of Enterprise Risk Management at Southern Utah University. It provides a variety of traditional risk management services to minimize the impact/likelihood of risk in an array of matters.

These services include protection of minors, use of drones on campus, waivers, processing of automobile, property, and third party claims with the State of Utah Division of Risk Management, incident investigation, contractual review, insurance acquisition and policy review, loss prevention, consultative services and review of certificates of insurance. In addition to these services, we also work with all campuses and departments to provide education so they can become a part of the risk process. We work to engage each department so they can identify, analyze, and control the risk of loss for their specific areas because here at SUU, EVERYONE is a Risk Manager (ERM).

Risk Management Services & Resources 

  1. Insurance
    1. Certificates of Insurance
    2. Insurance Requirements for Outside Entities
    3. Property Damage, Loss, or Theft Claims
    4. University Insurance Coverages
    5. Vendors, Entertainers, and Contractors with Valid Insurance Documentation
  2. Protection of Minors
  3. Waivers, Agreements, Forms
  4. Rental Car Procedure
  5. Drones on Campus
  6. Risk Management for Outdoor Endeavours - After all, we are the University of the Parks!
  7. University Catering Guidelines