Consortium Information

If a student is attending more than one school during a single semester, he/she may want to enter into a consortium agreement to ensure that he/she receives the full-benefit of financial aid. The student should contact the Financial Aid Office at the school from which they will obtain their degree (called the “Home Institution”) for this information.

Under a consortium agreement, students may take courses at a school other than the home school and have those courses count toward the degree or certificate at the home school. A student can only receive financial aid for courses that are applicable to their certificate or degree program.

It is the student’s responsibility to pay all tuition and fees at the visited school. Financial aid can only be paid at ONE school, and it MUST be the school from which you are seeking a degree.

SUU will recognize and enter into a consortium agreement for only Utah schools (proprietary and technical schools are not eligible).

For additional information, please contact your Financial Aid Counselor.

Consortium Agreement Form