Dropping vs. Withdrawing?

Drop: Refers to removing one or more individual courses from your schedule; remaining enrolled in other courses for the same term.

Withdraw: Refers to removing all courses from your schedule; no longer attending the university for a specific term.

Students may drop individual courses from their schedules through their portal for a limited time each semester. The online registration calendar indicates deadlines for course drops.  The deadlines can be accessed in the portal main page by clicking Class Schedule>Registration Calendar.

Return of Title IV Aid

By Federal regulations, financial aid recipients who withdraw from all courses or stop attending classes before the last day of class have not “earned” all of the financial aid received for that semester. Consequently, these students must return the unearned percentage of aid. The higher the number of class days completed, the lower the amount of financial aid that must be returned.

The Return of Title IV Processor must calculate and return your unearned percentage of financial aid within 45 days of the student’s withdrawal. The student will be sent a letter detailing what was returned. We ask the student to call the Cashier’s Office to get their current balance owed because their balance may go up or down after we send the letter.

Note: If you get a refund of tuition and fees, you may still owe SUU money after the Return of Title IV Calculation has been processed. Refunds of tuition and fees, if completed before the Return of Title IV may result in first receiving a refund and then owing a balance. You should not cash your refund until you know what your final Return of Title IV balance will be.

Withdrawal from the Academic Term

Withdrawing is the formal discontinuance of a student’s enrollment at SUU and involves the student dropping all classes after the semester begins.

Students are permitted to withdraw totally from the academic term any time prior to finals for the semester.

A student withdrawing after the 14th class day of the Fall/Spring semesters will have a “W” recorded for each course for which he/she registered. For Summer term, please contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.

To withdraw from the University for the semester, complete the withdrawal process online:

Log In to mySUU:

Username: Don’t know your username?

Password: Forgot password?

Then Select:


Online University Withdrawal

Click the appropriate button indicating the semester from which you wish to withdraw.

This online process will guide you through the withdrawal process. It must be completed in its entirety to withdraw from the semester.

What will happen if I withdraw?

There are several considerations to keep in mind if you are withdrawing or thinking about withdrawing from all of your classes.

At certain periods in an academic term, students may be eligible for a full or partial refund for tuition and fees when they drop or withdraw from courses. SUU will refund tuition, fees, and charges paid by a sponsor, donor, scholarship, or Financial Aid to the source rather than directly to the student who has withdrawn.

Refund Information

Students who withdraw from college before the end of a term may be entitled to a refund of a portion of their tuition and fees. For more information contact the Cashier’s Office online or call (435) 586–7720.

The day class instruction begins is counted as the first day of the refund period in determining  the refund percentage.

Complete withdrawals may result in a financial obligation by the student to return the unearned portion of any federal aid disbursed. If you are considering withdrawing from the University, we strongly recommend that you first discuss the financial consequences of this action with the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

The following list presents the descending scale of refund amounts for tuition and returnable fees and charges for students withdrawing from SUU.

Tuition and Fee Refund Schedule per semester

Note: This is the institutional policy on tuition and fee refunds, which is not the same as the Federal policy on Return of Title IV Funds.

Through the of the third week of the semester - 100% refund

After the end of the third week of the semester - no refund

Please note: Session/block courses have a different refund schedule.

Admission and late-payment fees are not refundable.

*The 1st day of the term is counted as the first day of the refund period in determining the refund percentage. A shortened refund schedule is used for summer terms and partial term blocks.

Withdrawing and Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, mandates institutions of higher education to establish a minimum standard of “Satisfactory Academic Progress” for students receiving financial aid. SUU makes its standard applicable to all federal, state, and institutional financial assistance programs for the purpose of maintaining a consistent policy for all students receiving financial aid.

Withdrawing from a semester WILL affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) because it will decrease your percentage of courses completed. In addition to maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA (3.0 for Graduate students), you must complete at least 70% of your attempted coursework. If your completion percentage drops below 70%, your financial aid will be terminated and you will need to appeal. Withdrawing from coursework will also increase the number of hours required to finish your degree, which affects the “Maximum Hours” limit. More information on SAP can be found on our Financial Aid Tools web page.

What Else Should I Know?

If you withdraw or stop attending in the Fall term, we will cancel the Spring disbursements of your loans and any grants you were receiving. If you plan to return in the Spring, please let the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office know at the time you withdraw. You will need to fill out a Student Loan Change Request form to request that your Spring aid be reinstated.

If you have had Federal loans as part of your financial aid, either this year or in previous years, you are required to complete Loan Exit Counseling. Please complete Online Exit Counseling to clear your Exit Requirement. If you have taken out loans for the semester in which you withdrew, these loans will still count toward your aggregate limit (the total amount of loans you are allowed to borrow while you are a student).