Dental Insurance

All qualified employees, their spouses, and their children under the age of 26 are provided with dental benefits through Samera Health. The dental insurance includes basic/preventative benefits, major dental coverage, and orthodontic benefits.

Dental Premium Table

Type of Coverage Employer Premium Employee Premium
Single 13.40 3.50
Two Party 23.60 6.40
Three or more 43.90 11.80

Our dental insurance plan has no deductible and provides our employees with two annual cleanings per person per year.

Most services are covered by 80% insurance, while Preventative visits are covered 100%.

Major dental and orthodontics are covered by 50%. There is a $2,000 annual dental limit per person enrolled on a plan with a separate $1,500 lifetime maximum on orthodontics. 

Our group number is SUU07012023.