Life Insurance

Basic Life Insurance Policy: 2x salary with a coverage level of $40,000–$400,000. SUU pays 50% of the premium and employee pays 50% of the premium. Spouses & children are covered up to $10,000.  $0.09 cents per $1000 of coverage.

Supplemental Life Insurance: Up to $500,000 for employees, $100,000 for spouses, and $10,000 per dependent. There is a $250,000 guaranteed issue for new employees, $50,000 for spouses, and a $10,000 for dependent children if enrolled as a new hire. After new hire, increases must have the medical history statement below and be approved by underwriting.

Amounts over guaranteed issue are required to complete the medical history statement below and to be approved through underwriting.

Increases to less than the guaranteed issue amount are allowed at open enrollment in 1 or 2 increments (10,000 and 20,000) for employees who elected supplemental insurance at new hire.  

Want to add additional insurance?  Group Number 166274-A - Do the Medical History Statement Online for each person you'd like to increase or add. Use the Standard Life Insurance Summary and rate tables to find out how much the premium will be.