Vision Hardware Insurance

All qualified employees, their spouses, and their children under the age of 26 are provided with supplemental vision benefits.  Annual eye exams are considered preventative medical and included as part of the medical benefit. This vision supplement is a reimbursable option that will help cover the cost of an eye exam (out of network) and reimburse for glasses or contact lenses on a fixed schedule.

Give your provider your medical card (UMR) for your vision exam.  Contacts and eyeglasses are reimbursable through Samera.

Vision Hardware Premiums

Type of Coverage Employer Premium Employee Premium
Single 0.00 1.85
Two Party 0.00 3.56
Three or more 0.00 5.67

The university offers a vision hardware reimbursement plan to employees that specifically covers vision equipment.

The plan offers reimbursement towards a pair of glasses (frames + lens) OR X dollars towards the purchase of contact lenses per year.

Our group number is SUU07012023.