Hourly Employee Totals

Up until this point, we had used a rolling calendar to calculate the annual total to ensure that all hourly workers were staying under 1500 hours. This threshold is important because under the Affordable Care Act, if hourly employees go over that, we need to offer them benefits or we have to terminate their employment for 6 months.

From this point forward, we will be calculating from May 1st until April 30th. That means the new report in October will only have hours from May 1st of 2022 up until September 30th on the total amount for each employee. The totals will be accumulated until April 30th and then they will reset back to zero. We think that switching from a rolling calendar will help reduce confusion and hours being difficult to calculate.

The only exception to this process is when an employee is in their first year of employment with SUU. For that time, the hourly totals are accumulated for the first 12 months of employment, regardless of start date. Then, they will revert back to the May 1st-April 30th totals benchmark. For example, a student worker that started in September of 2022, will have all their hours added up from September of 2022 up until August 2023. Then as of September 2023, their totals will then revert to the new process and their hours will be totaled from May 2023-September 2023 and so on until April 30th of 2023. Then the numbers reset to zero like everyone else's will.

We will be sending out two reports each month starting October 10th. One will include any employees that have worked for a year or more and the other will be employees who have worked less than a year.

As always, student hourly employees should only be working up to 20 hours a week when school is in session and up to 40 hours a week when school is on break (winter, spring and summer). All non-student hourly employees can work up to 29 hours year round. If these limits are observed, then hourly employees will not go over the 1500 hour limit. I will be sending out courtesy reminders when an hourly employee goes above 1300 hours. As of this month, nobody is over 1300, so nobody will receive the notice.

We are planning on going over this new process in greater detail at the upcoming Supervisor Trainings in November as well.

Here are some examples of what those reports will look like