Human Resources Training and Development

Trainings coming up are the Compassion Fatigue Webinar for Faculty/Staff/Students and the annual Giving and Receiving Feedback Training for Faculty/Staff.

Compassion Fatigue - Webinar with our EAP, Behavioral Health Options - Faculty/Staff/Students - February 7, 2023 - Passcode: YEJ^1*1Y

Compassion fatigue occurs from the transference of grief, sorrow, depression, and distress from those we care for. There will be no in-person attendance for this one, but recordings will be available on the employee wellness site.

Getting ready for Evaluations – Faculty/Staff - February 9, 2023

In this 3-session event, you can attend a general session for Crucial Conversations with Stuart Jones, Evaluations (S2@JLJ#@) from the supervisor role with Matt McKenzie, and get the most out of your evaluations with the HR team.

Receiving Feedback - Passcode: cct@NA91

Feedback as a leader- Passcode: S2@JLJ#@