Department of Communication

Capstone Submission Checklist

Before the Semester:

  • Select a member of the Graduate Faculty to serve as your capstone chair. Although you indicated a preliminary chair via a COMM 6000 module assignment, this selection is not finalized until you have a conversation with the faculty member and he/she agrees to serve in that role.
  • Meet with your capstone chair and discuss your proposed topic (NOTE: This MUST be done 1 semester in advance before adding the Capstone course!)
  • Submit a Capstone Prospectus document by the second Friday of the session before you plan to take capstone credits.  For example, if you are planning to complete your capstone in the second Spring session, you would submit your prospectus on the second Friday of the first Spring session.  The submission should be emailed to the graduate director, who will then distribute to the graduate council for full review and approval.  Please make sure that you have worked with your capstone chair to finalize your submission before submitting it for formal approval.
  • Add the Capstone course to your schedule by filling out an Add/Drop Form. Get signatures from your selected capstone chair and the Grad Director, Kevin Stein. The completed form then needs to be delivered to the Registrar’s Office.

During the Semester:

  • Coordinate with your chair to establish working deadlines for various sections of your capstone and to stay on top of these deadlines.
  • Once the project is near completion, review your capstone paper with your chair to receive feedback and ensure that you are ready to present and your paper is ready for final submission.

Submitting Your Capstone Paper:

Once your paper is free of errors and approved by your chair, please complete the following steps to submit your capstone paper:

  • Signature Page: Include a signature page on the second page of your capstone paper to document the approval of your capstone chair and the MAPC Graduate Director, Kevin Stein. Here is a sample page for reference. NOTE: The chair and graduate director will give their official approval through their signatures on the library permission form.
  • Library Permission Form: Fill out the Library Permission Form with your personal information and signature.
  • Emailing Documents: Email your paper as a Word DOC, including the signature page on page 2, and the library permission form (with all your personal info filled out) to your capstone chair and the HSS graduate coordinator, Deena Marchal, at .
  • Library Submission: The HSS graduate coordinator will notify you once your paper has been accepted and will email the completed library permission form back to you. Submit completed permission form and a digital PDF copy of your capstone to  OR print completed form and deliver it along with a copy of the capstone to Library Administration Office 302.

Receiving a Final Grade:

  • Change of Grade: Once all the steps in the “submitting” section have been satisfied, a change of grade form will be completed and sent to the registrar’s office. It is wise to remind your chair if you have taken more than the required 3 credits of 6900 or 6910 (e.g., continuance) as all credits associated with capstone need to be changed to passing.
  • Posting Final Grade: The grade will be posted on the date the change of grade forms are submitted and will be simultaneously recorded on your transcript as the degree completion date.
  • Diploma: SUU prints diplomas at the end of each semester and they are sent out as a batch typically 30-45 days from the end of the semester.

Download Checklist PDF