Philosophy Major

The philosophy major BS and a BA totals 36 credits. The BS Emphasis requires a minor in mathematics, computer science, or economics. The BA Emphases require majors to emphasize an historical epoch that correlates with the foreign language. Otherwise, majors must earn a BS or BA, according to the criteria established in the SUU General Catalog. Please see Appendix A for details of the plan of study for majors.

There are six requirements for the major:

I. Language Emphasis Requirement:

Each student is required to work with a philosophical text in the language that fulfills the BA language requirement. The BS majors must work in a formal language, math, logic, or a computer language. The major must coordinate with a philosophy faculty, and when necessary with a relevant language (or science) faculty. The major will produce a three to five page paper that demonstrates the language ability grounded in a philosophical text. This requirement will usually function as part of the Senior Seminar.

Emphasis I BS Analytic Minor in mathematics, computer science, or economics
Emphasis II BA Ancient or Medieval Chinese, Greek, or Latin
Emphasis III BA Modern or Contemporary Chinese, French, or German
Emphasis IV BA Topics – Ethics, Political Philosophy, Metaphysics, or Epistemology Any Language

II. Area Requirement

There are 24 units required to fulfill the area requirements. All philosophy majors must fulfill all areas:

Area I Logic 1250, and 3200
Area II Ethics and Politics 3500, and 3700
Area III Being and Knowledge 3300, and 3400
Area IV History of Philosophy 4110, and 4120

Each philosophy course counts in a certain area. Two courses, 3011 and 4900, fulfill variable areas. These courses designate the Area at each offering.

III. Senior Seminar Requirement:

All philosophy majors must take the Senior Seminar, PHIL 4010. The course is open to all philosophy majors, not just seniors. Prerequisite: Successful completion of one course in each area of the major. This course is offered every other year in the spring.

IV. Elective Units

There are 27 credit hours required in the core for the BA in philosophy. PHIL 1000- Intro to Philosophy is required. The remaining 6 credit hours may be selected from any other Philosophy course.

V. Grade requirement:

Only philosophy courses with letter grades count. Only courses with a grade of C- or better may count for the major. The overall GPA in philosophy courses must be at least 2.00.

VI. Residence requirement:

Some of the requirements fulfilled elsewhere may transfer to SUU and count toward the major. Such cases require the approval of the Chair. The senior seminar must be completed at SUU.