Student Learning Outcomes


Students who acquire a major or minor in philosophy are capable of:

  • Critical Thinking: Identifying the rational bases of ideas and theories and the difference between good and bad reasons for belief.
  • Inquiry and Analysis: posing difficult questions and understanding the complexities of their possible answers.
  • Reading Comprehension: analyzing and interpreting abstract and difficult philosophical writing.

French, German, and Spanish

1. Students who acquire a major or a minor in French, Spanish, or German are able to:

  • Narrate and describe in all major time frames using vocabulary appropriate for the level (Speaking).
  • Read/Write about academic and professional topics.
  • Discuss, written or orally, abstract subjects and communicate supporting opinions.
  • Critically analyze and interpret cultural artifacts and a wide variety of texts.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of literary terms, genres, and concepts.
  • Deliver coherent presentations on a variety of topics.

2. Education majors:

  • Have a basic understanding of theories and approaches to teaching.
  • Be capable of designing lesson plans for language classes.
  • Be able to incorporate culture into lessons.


Department of Language and Philosophy