MIS Capstone Internships

Internship Guide

  1. Get Approval - Contact INDS 6890 faculty & propose your internship idea prior to the course starting (cannot be your job).
  2. Number of Credits and Hours - Determine the number of credits you will take at a time: 1 (45 hours/semester), 2 (90 hours/semester), or 3 (135 hours/semester). You will need 3 total credits to graduate.
  3. Complete Form - To register for the MIS Capstone Course, INDS 6890 - Interdisciplinary Internship, complete the SUU Internship Permission Form located on the SUU Registrar's website. The form requires signatures from both the internship instructor and the student. The form may be completed and submitted electronically. Digital signatures are acceptable.
  4. Register for INDS 6890 - Register for INDS 6890 in your MySUU Portal.
  5. Complete Canvas Course - Complete your INDS 6890 Capstone Internship course.
  6. Supervisor's Evaluation of Intern - Provide your supervisor the Supervisor's Evaluation of Intern form to be completed at the end of your internship.
  7. Evaluate Yourself - When you complete your internship, complete the Intern's Evaluation Internship form and remind your internship supervisor to fill out the Supervisor Evaluation of Intern.

Required Internship Hours

Required Internship Hours
Credits Time Invested Per Week Total Hours Completed Per Semester Class
1 3 hours minimum 45 INDS 6890
2 6 hours minimum 90 INDS 6890
3 9 hours minimum 135 INDS 6890