MIS Mission

The MIS Program prepares students for the world of work, or further graduate studies, through academically rigorous curriculum and professionalization.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. To apply knowledge and skills, through professional goals and experience, in a program of study that cuts across two or more disciplines, later impacting the world academically and professionally.
  2. To develop further interdisciplinary studies opportunities by way of the capstone internship, project or thesis (i.e., through employment, promotion or further acceptance into graduate studies).
  3. To learn and apply the following employer-related skills: communication, creativity, curiosity, digital literacy, grit, and humility.
  4. To recite and deliver personal and degree elevator pitches in an effort to market oneself successfully.
  5. To associate, network, volunteer, and present scholarly work at University, statewide, regional, national, and international level conferences such as the annual international Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference.