Prelaw and Legal Scholars Program

Preparing for Law School

Undergraduate Legal Studies is committed to assisting SUU students in preparing for law school, helping students understand the benefits of legal training, and providing undergraduate experiences that will promote student success. Undergraduate Legal Studies offers advising, law-related activities, LSAT preparation, service opportunities, civic engagement, mock trial competition, and many more services to achieve this purpose.  In addition, various courses offered through the program introduce prelaw students to various legal subject matters that may offer them a foundation helpful to their future law school studies or work in a legal environment. 


A trend of declining law school applications and admissions has been occurring for the last few years.  Although this is a real concern for many law schools, it is a situation that many law school applicants are welcoming due to the resulting lowering of law school admissions standards, availability of more scholarship funds, and, what is expected to be, a growing job market for law school graduates.  Thus, it appears that this is a great time to be planning on a future as an attorney.  


Law students come from a myriad of backgrounds and experiences.  Legal education values diversity and the related exchange of varying ideas and points of view.   Thus, the American Bar Association does not recommend any particular undergraduate major as a preparation for law school.  In fact, law students hold bachelor's degrees in a variety of academic disciplines.  Regardless of one's degree major, a person interested in attending law school should pursue an area of study that provides opportunities to develop various skills, values, knowledge, and experience important to a legal career.  These matters include:

  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Reading
  • Writing and Editing
  • Oral Communication and Listening
  • Research
  • Organization and Management
  • Public Service and Promotion of Justice
  • Relationship-building and Collaboration
  • Background Knowledge
  • Exposure to the Law


An article in the website for U.S. News and World Report finds the following five items as the deciding factors in law school admissions:

1. LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) Score

2. Undergraduate GPA

3. Leadership Experience

4. Reasons for Attending Law School

5. Recommendations.

As students consider applying to law school, these matters should be the basis of their consideration.  Many individuals at SUU, including the Prelaw Advisor/Legal Studies Director, are able to assist students in advising them as to the law school admissions process.  In addition to advising students, various activities/events are available through the Legal Scholars Program and the Legal Studies Student Association including:

  • Law School Admission Workshop
  • Student-led LSAT Study Group & Other LSAT Test Prep Sessions
  • Leadership Opportunities through Legal Studies Student Association
  • Law-related Activities: Mock Trial Competition, Field Trips to Courts, Law Offices, and Law School Fairs
  • Guest Speakers (including law school admissions and test prep company personnel)
  • Law-related Internships and volunteer opportunities

It is suggested that students visit the website for the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC), the nonprofit organization that coordinates the admissions process for law schools and students and administers the LSAT exam.  Go to to create an account as a "future Juris Doctor (JD) student."  In addition, the LSAC website provides information regarding its commitment to diversity in law.  Both websites have great resources for students.  Note: students wishing to apply to law school must have an LSAC account. SUU


Legal Scholars is coordinated by the Legal Studies Director. Prelaw and Legal Studies students should contact and make an appointment to speak about career and law school opportunities, as well as register to be part of Legal Scholars.

The Undergraduate Legal Studies Director acts as SUU's Prelaw Advisor. Contact information may be found through this website. The director is available to assist students in pursuing a legal education and can help find ways to gain exposure to the law and the legal profession, as well as assist with the law school application process. The director may also be a resource in selecting courses that can help students achieve their goals of a future legal career.  This person is also the advisor of the Legal Studies Student Association and coordinates the Legal Scholars Program, and will encourage you to be part of those groups.  Thus, prelaw students should contact the Legal Studies Director as soon as possible in order to better begin their journey to law school.