Internal Audit Frequently Asked Questions

The SUU Risk Management Committee annually evaluates a comprehensive list of potential risks identified by administration and senior management from throughout the University. These risks are categorized and ranked according to likelihood and potential impact to the University. Some of the risks that are ranked at a higher level of risk are selected as part of the annual audit plan which is approved by the Audit Committee. Audits are designed to help mitigate risks found through the risk assessment process. The USHE system also has required audits and reviews that are performed.

There is an ethics hotline where you may submit your concerns. All submissions remain anonymous unless you decide to disclose your identity. Please feel free to submit a report.

Internal auditors work for Southern Utah University. Internal auditing is an independent activity established within an organization. It is a control that functions by evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of operational control. External auditors work for State, Federal, or CPA agencies/firms. External auditing is an independent audit limited to assurance of fairness of financial statements, financial aid, and grants.

For questions regarding purchasing card audits, please reach out to For all other purchasing card questions, contact the Purchasing office.