Purchasing Card Audits

Purchasing card audits are performed on a monthly and/or quarterly schedule, following the p-card statement close date each month. The purpose of the p-card audit is to test control procedures over the use of purchasing cards, to ensure compliance with SUU policies and procedures, and to identify any risks of potential fraud or misuse of University resources.

The purchasing card audit includes a review of the following:

  1. The presence of the purchasing card statement.
  2. Verification of reconciliation of the statement by the cardholder, noted by the signature of the cardholder
  3. Verification of supervisor review of transactions, noted by supervisor signature on the statement or a written approval via email from the supervisor to SUU Internal Audit.
  4. Review of required documentation for completeness and accuracy to validate the transactions. Documentation includes, but is not limited to: receipts, meal/flower certification forms, written explanations, and business purpose stated for each transaction.

US Bank generates a monthly p-card statement on the 10th of every month. When the 10th of the month is on a weekend or holiday, the statement date will be the first business day following the 10th of the month.

Card holders and Account Managers can request access to the US Bank Website from the Purchasing Office. Once access is set up, a pdf of the p-card statement can be downloaded as soon as the statement is created.

P-card statements, along with accompanying documentation, are due to Internal Audit by the first business day of each month. Procedures for submitting documentation to the Internal Audit can be requested by emailing suuaudit@suu.edu.