Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit provides a variety of services to Southern Utah University. These services include:

A comprehensive audit or review of a department, program and/or processes to evaluate fundamental business practices, to ensure adequate internal controls exist and are followed, and procedures are efficient, effective, and in compliance with SUU policies, procedures and applicable regulatory requirements.

An audit or review to measure adherence of a department, program and/or processes with established rules and regulations (e.g., Federal/State laws and regulations, sponsored program and contract requirements).

Provide advice, upon request, on strategic, operational, compliance, and financial processes, reports and reconciliations.

Special audits and/or investigations includes research to look into identified issues or concerns related to allegations or information submitted via the ethics point hotline. This also includes any type of audit deemed necessary or urgent by University administration, Board of Trustees, or the Audit Committee.

Office of Internal Audit colleagues participate on Systems Implementations Committees. The roles that Internal Audit can provide include, but are not limited to: evaluating project governance and deliverables, providing independent assurance regarding objectives and milestones to leadership, and collaborating on operational, financial, information technology and compliance risks associated with the systems implementations.

The Director of Internal Audit sits on the Risk Management Committee, and assists the Director of Safety and Risk Management in analyzing risks across campus. A campus-wide Risk Assessment is performed annually which identifies risks within individual departments and areas throughout campus. These analysis, along with the established risk management program provides information to help in developing the annual audit plan.