CITI Registration and Curriculum Selection Instructions

  • From the CITI homepage, select the “REGISTER” option on the right
  • Page 1: Select Southern Utah University as your Organization Affiliation (Must use capital letters)
  • Page 2: Provide your name, email, and alternate email address
  • Page 3: Create a username and password and security questions
  • Page 4: Indicate your current country of residence
  • Page 5: You are not required to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU), select “No”
  • Page 6: Provide information about your role in research at SUU
  • Page 7: To select the correct curriculum, please follow this process
    • Question 1: Please select the correct role out of the following:
      1. Faculty/Staff Researchers
      2. Education Graduate Student Researchers
      3. Student Researchers
      4. IRB Members
    • Question 2: You do not need to select the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) option, please leave this item blank
    • Question 3: You do not need to include the Responsible Conduct of Research, please select “no at this time, thank you.”
    • Question 4: You do not need to respond to Question 4 (Laboratory Animal Welfare)
    • Once you complete your registration, you will be prompted to the course homepage.

When you have successfully completed the CITI course, email your CITI certificate along with your completed IRB application (and related materials) to