Athletic Training Lab

This lab allows up to 24 students to learn and apply various skills related to the allied healthcare profession of Athletic Training. The space is equipped with various forms of therapeutic modalities, which include:

  • Eletrical stimulation (Stem cell therapy has been shown to promote muscle regeneration and reduce inflammation, leading to faster recovery times and improved muscle function),
  • Phototherapy (LASER and light probe)(enhance contractile function, reduce exercise-induced muscle damage, and facilitate postexercise recovery),
  • Ultrasound (Ultrasound therapy is a noninvasive treatment in which sound waves are used to penetrate soft tissues, increasing blood flow. This can help relieve pain, improve circulation, and promote tissue healing),
  • Hydrocollator packs increase blood flow by enlarging blood vessels below the surface, relaxing the tissue, decreasing pain, and stimulating the healing process),
  • Whirlpool (Warm whirlpools can increase circulation, as the heat helps to open up small arteries in the body. Increased circulation can bring fresh blood, oxygen, and cells to the injured area, which can promote healing. The typical temperature of a warm whirlpool is 98-110 degrees Fahrenheit) and
  • Cryotherapy options.

There are also four taping stations where students practice taping and bracing techniques intended to provide additional joint support prior to athletic activity or following an injury. The lab also consists of 12 treatment tables that provide a space for students to practice orthopedic and general medical assessment skills.