Exercise Physiology Lab

This lab allows space for several students to be able to learn and understand Exercise Physiology. The different portions of this lab include:

  • Blood glucose/lipid analyzers (on the couter) and mobile blood pressure units.
  • Power rack systems with free weights weight racks and free weights for students to practice resistance training techniques. These areas also allow students to practice how to instruct classmates or "clients" on proper form and benefits of resistance training.
  • Classroom Space Seating where students meet at the beginning of lab classes for the instructor to provide instructions and review previous week's materials. It is an area for students to work with classmates and ask questions.
  • Lifting Platforms with free weights, dumbbells and kettlebells
  • Metabolic Cart System, used to assess energy expenditure, oxygen consumption and exercise capacity. Portable blood pressure cuffs used during exercise stress testing.
  • Body Composition Assessment Lab: BodPod system is shown, In-Body and portable BIA units are also available for measuring body composition.
  • EKG Analyzer Systems measure the electrical activity of the heart, and blook oxygen saturation is measure with an oximeter.