Kinesiology and Outdoor Recreation Scholarships

The deadline to apply for Departmental Scholarships is March 1st

Applications for Departmental Scholarships are handled through the SUU Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. To find and apply for scholarships:

Log into your MySUU portal:

  • Under APPS, select Scholarships.
  • There may be a short form here to help determine what scholarships you may be eligible for.

From the Scholarships page:

  • Scroll to Health Sciences.
  • Click on “Show Scholarship List”.
  • Find scholarships that apply to you.

You may be eligible for scholarships in other colleges, depending on your major. There are also other scholarship options under “All Other Scholarships” at the end of the list.

For assistance, contact the Financial Aid Office at (435) 586-7735 or Caleb Paulson (435) 586-7818