Physical Education Minor - Health Education Emphasis

Always refer to the academic catalog for the most up-to-date requirements.

(20 credits)

Core Requirements Credits Pre-requisite
PE 2100 Stress Management and Wellness Concepts 2  
PE 3720 Methods in Teaching Health Education 3  
PE 3750 Methods of Teaching Human Sexuality Education 2  
PE 3790 Substance Abuse/Drugs & Alcohol 3  
BIOL 1020/1025 Human Biology/Lab *(Biol 2420/L or 2010/L) 4  
NFS 1020 Scientific Foundations of Human Nutrition 3  
PSY 1110

PSY 3220
Life Span Development
Adolescent Development
3 PSY 1010
 ** PE 1543 Adv. First Aid-Emergency Care (CPR) (or FA/CPR licensure) (1)  

**Must either take the class or have current card of completion at graduation

HIV / AIDS Education class is taught by the State Office of Education after you have been hired to teach health.
HIV/AIDS class is NOT part of graduation requirement at SUU, but it is needed for state certification to teach health

General Education Credits Pre-requisite
PSY 1010 General Psychology 3  
PE 1098 Wellness Dynamics 3