How to sign up for Library Aide Basics:

  1. Follow the Get Started! link.
  2. Enter your email and indicate if you are a new user or if you already have a “Free for Teachers” login to Canvas. If you already have a login, the site will then prompt you to enter your password.
  3. If you are a new user, Canvas will ask you to enter your full name and agree to the terms of use. An email will be sent to your inbox so that you can set up a password and finish the registration process.
  4. Then click “Enroll in Course.” This appears as a blue button in the bottom right corner of the box.
  5. Proceed to your Canvas Dashboard.
  6. The LAB: Library Aide Basics course should appear on your Canvas Dashboard. Click on the course name or image to enter the course and begin exploring.
  7. A “Canvas Introduction” video is available on the homepage of the course, and it describes how to use Canvas, the LAB symbols, and specific course content.

Get Started!