Student Mental Health Resources

If you need immediate help, please contact one of these resources: 

SUU Police
National Suicide Lifeline
Or text 838255
Free 24/7 support
9:00-4:30, M-F

Mental health is essential for a student's academic success. SUU provides resources, support, and services to address mental health issues at every level of concern. We are committed to helping all Thunderbirds Thrive, whether you are online or on-campus. If you need assistance navigating any of the resources, please contact Counseling and Psychological Services, the Dean of Student's Office, or the Health and Wellness Center.

Please note that some mental health concerns are beyond the scope of what a University Counseling Center can treat. For students needing longer-term care and counseling, we encourage you to seek these services with a provider in the community. SUU has resources to help you arrange long-term care in the community if needed. Students should also be aware that due to the rural location of SUU, not all mental health resources are readily available.

Resources Available at Red Level

It's time to get professional help. Things have become so difficult that you need help right away.

Get Immediate Help

What you might be experiencing at Red:

  • Talking about suicide or dying
  • You are planning on harming yourself or others
  • You are being harmed by others
  • You are taking your frustrations out on others
  • You are harassing or bullying others
  • You are being dishonest
  • You are expressing yourself violently in words or actions
  • You feel the need to carry a weapon
  • You feel like giving up or that there is no hope that things will get better
  • You feel like you are a burden to those around you
  • TimelyCare (Talk Now): Free 24/7 support as well as scheduled teletherapy with a counselor
  • SafeUT: 1-833-372-3388 or text chat via the SafeUT app
  • Utah Crisis Line: 800-273-8255 or text "start" to 741-741
  • Utah Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-897-5465
  • The Trevor Project (LGBTQ friendly): 866-488-7386
  • Transgender Suicide Hotline: 877-565-8860
  • Veterans Crisis Line: 800-273-8255, press 1
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline: 800-656-4376
  • Quiet Spaces: Looking for a quiet place for virtual therapy/counseling?

Resources Available for Yellow

You aren't doing well and need additional support to feel better.

Counseling is always an option

What you might be experiencing at Yellow:

  • Already have a mental health diagnosis
  • Completely neglecting your school, work, or other life responsibilities
  • Frequently expressing anger toward others
  • Using alcohol or drugs excessively
  • Relying on existing relationships to address your mental health needs instead of professional help
  • Thoughts of helplessness or hopelessness
  • Engaging in self-harming behaviors (cutting, burning, bruising)
  • Completely withdrawing from activities that usually bring you joy
  • Disconnecting from your friends and family
  • Mindfulness, grounding exercises, or breathing exercises
  • Give yourself permission to take a break from things for a brief period of time
  • Calling your counselor or therapist if you have one
  • TimelyCare Talk Now: Free 24/7 support for all levels of concern
  • Togetherall: Chat anonymously with peers around the country
  • TAO Connect: Online workshops and self-guided resources
  • Huntsman Mental Health Institute Warmline: 833-773-2588 or 801-587-1055
  • Quiet Spaces: Looking for a quiet place for virtual therapy/counseling?

Resources Available for Green

Things are generally okay, but you are starting to struggle.

Counseling is always an option

What you might be experiencing at Green:

  • Avoiding people, classes, activities, and/or events
  • Having a difficult time managing your emotions
  • Feeling a lack of energy or motivation
  • Changing your behavior in significant and negative ways
  • Feeling like no one cares about you or can understand what you’re going through
  • Sleeping or eating too much or too little
  • Starting to use unhealthy coping strategies
  • Feeling worthless or that you can’t do anything right
  • Feeling overwhelmed and beginning to doubt your ability to take care of yourself
  • Take care of your basic needs:
    • Eat regular meals that nurture your body
    • Get a good amount of sleep each night (7-8 hours)
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Get some physical activity every day (at least 30 minutes)
  • Spend time outside in the sun
  • Spend some time with friends/family (call, text, visit, video-chat)
  • Focus on your spirituality or faith
  • Practice mindfulness and breathing exercises
  • Sign out of social media for short periods of time
  • Create a routine for each day

Mental Health Counseling Options for Students

SUU CAPS TimelyCare Telehealth for Students
How to Connect For in-person services, call: 435-865-8621 Free 24/7 support as well as scheduled teletherapy with a counselor
Hours M-F, 9 am to 4:30 pm 24/7
Providers Licensed clinicians and doctoral interns Licensed clinicians
Services Individual Counseling, Group Therapy, Workshops, Crisis, Triage, Consultation Individual Counseling, Health Coaching, Crisis Counseling
CAPS Website TimelyCare Website

Hotlines and Resources

  • SafeUT:  1-833-372-3388 or text chat via the SafeUT app 
  • Huntsman Mental Health Institute Warmline: 833-773-2588 or 801-587-1055
  • Utah Domestic Violence Hotline:  800-897-5465
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  988  or text 838255
  • The Trevor Project (LGBTQ friendly):  866-488-7386
  • Transgender Suicide Hotline:  877-565-8860
  • Veterans Crisis Line:  988, press 1
  • National Sexual Assault Hotline:  800-656-4376
  • National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline:  866-331-9474
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) National Helpline: 800-662-4357