Nursing Lab

The Nursing Lab is a dedicated space for the pre-licensure and Health Professionals BSN nursing students. It holds state-of-the-art equipment to replicate various healthcare scenarios. The environment is designed to mimic hospital rooms, patient care units, and other healthcare settings. The lab is furnished with hospital beds, medical equipment, and patient care supplies to create a realistic healthcare atmosphere.

Simulation Stations: Multiple simulation stations are set up to represent different medical scenarios. Each station is equipped with high-fidelity mannequins that simulate patients. These mannequins can mimic various physiological responses, allowing students to practice a wide range of nursing skills.

Medical Equipment: The lab is equipped with a variety of medical instruments and devices commonly used in healthcare settings. This includes IV pumps, monitors, defibrillators, and other essential tools that nursing students will encounter in their clinical practice.

Skills Practice Areas: Dedicated spaces within the lab are designated for practicing specific nursing skills. This can include areas for wound care, medication administration, patient assessment, and other fundamental nursing procedures.

Debriefing Area: After each simulation session, there is a dedicated debriefing area where students can discuss their experiences, reflect on their performance, and receive feedback from instructors. Debriefing is a crucial aspect of the learning process in nursing education.

The SUU Nursing Lab provides a controlled and supportive environment for nursing students to develop their clinical skills, critical thinking abilities, and teamwork before they transition to real patient care settings. It plays a vital role in preparing future nurses for the challenges of the healthcare profession.