Getting Started Checklist

Dear T-Bird Parents & Families,

We are excited to welcome your student to Southern Utah University. Parent and Family Services helps support you, keep you informed, answer any questions, and help you navigate campus as you support your student during this transition.

There are a few things your student needs to do to be ready for Fall semester:

  • Pay their enrollment deposit. This starts the registration process on our end. Students will then receive a welcome email, which includes a link to fill out their TTQ.
  • Complete the T-Bird Takeoff Questionnaire (TTQ). This needs to be filled out by your student, and is accessible in your student's MySUU portal. The TTQ helps start the registration process, and will be useful as their Student Success Advisor prepares their class schedule.
  • Complete a FAFSA application to see if they qualify for federal financial aid, work study, or subsidized student loans. Learn how to apply for Federal Financial Aid.
  • Fill out a FERPA Release of Information and submit to the Registrar's Office.
  • Locate housing. View on-campus and off-campus housing options.
  • Complete Online Orientation. This needs to be filled out by your student, and is accessible in your student's MySUU portal.
  • Plan ahead to attend Thunder U Orientation, September 8, 2020.

Here are a few things families can do to stay connected and support their students throughout the school year:

Beginning in May and throughout the entire summer, your student will be hearing from their ACE (Assistant Coach for Excellence and Success). ACES are peer mentors who will help answer any questions your student has as they prepare to attend school, they will be with them during Orientation, and will help them navigate campus throughout their first semester. ACES can help with registration, financial aid, and getting connected and involved on campus. Your student will also hear from Ryan Bailey, Coordinator of Completion and Student Success, who will help make sure they have everything they need before starting school. Students can direct questions to Ryan at (435) 865-8214 or

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any additional information as you help your student prepare for college. We are excited to have your student join us on campus.

Welcome to the T-Bird family!
SUU Parent and Family Services