Bulk Mailing / Campus Distribution (Saturation Mailings)

Bulk mail is the term used to describe Nonprofit First-Class or Standard mail that is sent at a discounted rate. There are USPS requirements that must be met to qualify for discounted rates.

Post Office employees sorting mail

Saturation Mailings to Student Mail Boxes, Faculty, and Staff

This service is for those organizations on campus who wish to get announcements out to any of the above groups. The mail piece must only be for activities associated with clubs or organizations of the University. Please call for the actual numbers of those whom you wish to receive this announcement.

Saturation Mail (Bulk Mail)

  • Minimum 200 or more pieces that are identical in shape and weight
  • No personalization
  • No advertisement

Mailings must meet a number of design and processing requirements to qualify for bulk mail rates. To ensure your bulk mailing meets these requirements contact the Post Office early in the design process. Whether you are working with an outside design firm or designing the mail piece yourself, you are required to contact out Bulk Mail Specialists to get a mail piece approved.

Mail Processing

The Post Office uses BCC Software to process mailing lists. This software utilizes a USPS-certified database to clean and standardize address data. This process corrects spelling, abbreviations, city, state, and ZIP code entries and validates the address. NCOA Link database covers the previous 18 months of updates. New address change information is added weekly. Since new address changes are done on a weekly basis there is still going to be a 3% error rate. This software is updated monthly to ensure accurate information.

Campus Distribution

Postal Operations provides both labeled and general distribution of printed material for a fee. Contact us to confirm the quantity required for a full-time faculty and staff general distribution.