Arts Administration

Arts Administration Program Overview

The faculty of the Arts Administration Program exemplifies excellence in teaching, scholarship, and professional contributions to the field of arts administration. This creates an environment that enhances the educational atmosphere of the program, instilling in the students a desire for lifelong learning.

Master of Fine Arts Degree

The Master of Fine Arts degree program is a two-year academic and experiential learning course of study that begins each fall. The program includes 60 credit hours (see MFA Curriculum) combined with work opportunities through our professional affiliates: artsFUSION, the Southern Utah Museum of Art, Southern Utah University's College of Performing and Visual Arts, and the Utah Shakespeare Festival.

A limited number of students are accepted to the program each year, thereby providing the highest level of personal instruction and mentoring in the classroom. Students also receive several opportunities outside of the classroom to participate in both scholarly and practical activities and projects. This combination of personalized academics and experiential learning gives students the tools necessary to compete in today’s job market.

Students admitted to the Master of Fine Arts degree program are automatically qualified for a professional affiliate Assistantship. Work will include an assignment in one of our affiliate organizations (listed above) for 20 hours per week. The Assistantships go by the SUU Academic Calendar, and students are allotted 4 weeks/year leave (usually taken in May) from Assistantship work. Other leave must be coordinated through the assigned Assistantship Supervisor. Assistantship compensation varies each year depending on the University budget, and is also accompanied by a 25% to 50% in-state tuition waiver, depending on student qualifications. In total, this represents an over $40,000 investment SUU makes in the student over the two years in the program.

Additionally, an out-of-state student can qualify for a Non-Resident Transfer/New Graduate Student Waiver scholarship from SUU if his/her cumulative undergraduate GPA was greater than or equal to a 3.2. This scholarship takes out-of-state tuition down to in-state levels. Tuition waivers are not available to international students. All student fees are the responsibility of the student. Tuition amounts can be found on the Southern Utah University Cashier’s Office webpage.

Master of Arts Degree (Online)

The Master of Arts degree track includes specialized graduate coursework totaling 36 credit hours (see MA Curriculum) that begins each Fall. Assistantships and tuition waivers are not available for students in the online program. Tuition amounts vary depending on how many courses are taken and can be found on the Southern Utah University Cashier’s Office webpage.