Students abroad in London

Graduate Student Travel

The Arts Administration Program offers graduate students three travel opportunities annually for students on both the MFA and MA Tracks:

Salt Lake City Trip
Students can attend State Arts Advocacy Day each year in February as part of the Utah Cultural Alliance/Utah Division of Arts and Museums advocacy team. Students network with arts professionals, attend legislative session events, and connect with state leaders and staffers about the value of supporting the arts in Utah. Past year events have included: Visits with ZAP Grant managers, Senate staffers, Lobbyists for USF and the arts sector, legislative dinners. Schedule subject to change and availability each year.

Washington, DC Trip
Each year selected students and faculty travel to Washington DC to participate in both the national arts advocacy day events through Americans for the Arts, and the Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium at American University. Students visit cultural organizations and leaders throughout the DC metro area during this week long trip, taking a deep dive into federal advocacy, networking, and cultural management. 

Study Abroad Trip
The Department of Theatre, Dance, and Arts Administration travels to the United Kingdom for two weeks every summer, right after graduation. As a group we visit several museums, cultural historic sites, and see many plays and musicals on the West End and at Shakespeare's Globe. The Study Abroad fee includes tuition, lodging, breakfast, and tickets to sites and shows. For more information, visit the SUU in London site.

Travel Funding

There are several opportunities for students to apply for funding assistance for the above-mentioned trips, or for travel to arts administration-related conferences and professional development.

Arts Administration Funding
Students can apply for up to $300 towards field-related conference attendance from the Arts Administration Program directly. Funds are dispersed as a reimbursement, and are most commonly used for conference registration. Students are not granted this funding in an academic year in which they attend the Washington, DC Trip with the Arts Administration Program, as the program already covers some expenses on these trips. For more information, contact the Arts Administration Director.

Office of Learning Abroad (OLA) Funding
OLA has numerous opportunities for scholarships and grants SUU students to study abroad with an SUU-directed program (like our Study Abroad Trip to London). Information on these opportunities, including what is available and how to apply, can be found on the OLA website:

Southern Utah University Graduate Studies
SUU Graduate Studies provides some funding, as a reimbursement, to SUU graduate students for the purpose of building and enhancing their professional knowledge and research. Graduate students may apply for professional conference funding at two levels: $650 for presenting , and $250 for attendance. Information on how to apply can be found on the Graduate Studies website:

Southern Utah University Student Association (SUUSA)
Students may apply for a grant from SUUSA for conference attendance and professional development as an individual or as part of a group. For the Washington DC trip, we apply as a group for the funding. If a student is planning on attending that trip, they cannot apply for individual SUUSA funding for other trips that academic year. For more information, please contact your Faculty Advisor

Photo: SUUAA Study Abroad Trip, London (2018)